Free Standing Kayak Storage Racks

Log Kayak Rack RetailersIf you’re looking for a unique, durable, wooden free standing kayak storage rack, look no further than Log Kayak Rack. As a Manitowish Waters, Wisconsin kayak rack company, we build kayak racks for boaters all over the country, providing heavy duty kayak storage racks to boaters and boarders alike. Our custom made wood kayak storage racks are one of a kind in design, built to be durable and aesthetically pleasing, no matter where you set them up. Our free standing kayak storage racks are perfect for boaters with one kayak or eight kayaks, and if you have other types of boats or boards, our boat racks are the perfect aquatic storage solution for those, as well!

Custom Wood Free Standing Kayak Racks

One of the challenges of finding good boat storage is finding a boat storage rack that can hold all of your boats and boards, looks good on your property, and is durable enough to survive the weather in your area. Not all boat racks are created equal, and at Log Kayak Rack, we believe that we’ve created custom kayak racks that can satisfy almost any boater’s needs. These wood kayak racks hold more than just kayaks; they can accommodate canoes and paddle boards, and even oversized kayaks and canoes. Whatever your board or boat storage system needs may be, Log Kayak Rack has exactly what you need, and you can be sure that our durable kayak storage racks will hold up in any weather you might encounter.

8 Boat Kayak Racks

For the avid boater, family of boaters, or even boat rental or boat sale companies, our 8 boat free standing kayak racks are the perfect kayak storage solution. With four kayaks on each side, these kayak racks allow for large quantity kayak storage without sacrificing aesthetics.

6 Boat Kayak Storage Racks

With three boats on each side of our 6 boat kayak storage racks, if you’re looking to store up to six boats or boards, this is the right free standing kayak rack for you.

4 Boat Kayak Racks

Our 4 boat free standing kayak racks are perfect for anyone looking to store family boats or even just a selection of their own boats. These kayak storage racks hold two kayaks on each side.

2 Boat Double-Sided Kayak Racks

With 2 boat double-sided kayak storage racks, you can have one boat on each side, creating the same aesthetic of our larger kayak racks without giving you more boat storage space than you need.

2 Boat Kayak Storage Racks

So that you can have exactly the kayak storage racks you want, we also have one-sided 2 boat free standing kayak racks that allow you to store two boats on one side.
To find out more about our custom free standing kayak storage racks, contact Log Kayak Racks at (715) 543-2006 or, and our Manitowish Waters, Wisconsin kayak rack builders can help you find the right kayak storage racks for you!