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Canoe Storage Rack Finger Lakes NY

Winter Storage for Small BoatsThere’s nothing better than the Finger Lakes in the fall, and as we wind down to September, New York Finger Lakes canoers can look forward to boating along lakes and rivers fringed by trees of every color. You’ll find leaves changing from orange to red, maroon to brown, and even a few yellow and green stragglers that are resisting the changes of fall. Your canoe trips through the Finger Lakes are picturesque no matter the time of year, and when you get home from your boating adventure, hose down your canoe, and put it away until your next journey across the lakes, you might find yourself wondering why cleaning and storing your canoe can’t be as pleasant as your day trips through the water. If you’re looking for a simple boat storage solution, Log Kayak Rack’s canoe storage system is perfect for you, whether you have one canoe or eight. Read Full Post

Kayak Storage Racks Everglades

Kayak Storage Rack EvergladesKayaking around the Everglades is a never-ending adventure. The sheer size of the Florida Everglades makes it a location that can be explored endlessly by visitors and locals alike, always offering new views, new wildlife sightings, and new water conditions for every kayaker who passes through. Read Full Post

SUP Storage South Carolina

SUP Storage South CarolinaOne of the most unfortunate aspects of stand up paddle boarding is calling it quits for the day when you’re exhausted and ready rest, only to realize you’ll have to carry your board to hose it off, maybe wait for it to dry, and then put it away for the night. When you’re thinking of paddle boarding, whether you mean to or not, you probably think about whether it’s worth it to drag your paddle board down from its rack only to have to go through the motions of storing it again when you’re finished. We understand, and that’s why Log Kayak Rack has made boat and board storage racks that accommodate stand up paddle boards perfectly. So don’t let your inconvenient storage stop you from hitting Myrtle Beach or paddling through waves in the South Carolina Ocean; let Log Kayak Rack help you make SUP cleaning and storage easier with our wooden stand up paddle board racks, custom made to meet your needs. Continue Reading →

Kayak and Canoe Boat Storage

Kayak and Canoe Boat StorageIf you’ve ever tried to find a suitable boat storage system that would keep your kayaks and canoes secure, last for years, and look like it belongs on your property, you know that it can feel nearly impossible. No matter how functional, metal racks, home-made wooden racks, and standard, simple boat racks just aren’t the most attractive boat storage options. Instead of investing in a boat storage system that you don’t want, why not enjoy boat racks that can add to your home or business’ aesthetic and blend into woody surroundings. Log Kayak Rack’s kayak, canoe, stand up paddle board, and surf board boat racks have been enjoyed by countless customers, who all understand the value of a durable, convenient, and good-looking boat rack. Continue Reading →

Kayak Rack Key West, FL

Waterside Kayak_Canoe_Paddle board storage systemsHave you ever walked out from an outdoor sports store with an impromptu kayak purchase? Have you ever gotten that impulse buy home and wondered where on earth you’re going to store your new boat? Sure, it could be strapped to your dock, or you could mount it on your living room wall, but that’s more of a hassle when you’re ready to take it out on the water. Our boat rack builders at Log Kayak Rack understand what it’s like to get home from a boating excursion and have no desire to go through the motions to wash and store your boats. Maybe instead of hauling your boat down from the wall or leaving it on your dock, it’s time to invest in a boat storage system that will accommodate the most avid Key West, Florida, kayakers. Continue Reading →

Small Boat Rack

Small Boat RackIf you’re racking up the number of small boats and boards you own, you should be racking up your storage system as well. Whether you have one, two, or eight small boats or boards, Log Kayak Rack builds custom, hand-built wooden boat racks made to suit your specific needs. Based out of Manitowish Waters, Wisconsin, we’re used to being around large and small bodies of water, and we’ve come to know how best to take care of our boats and boards – by investing in a high-quality boat rack. Once we realized how important it was to have a secure and functional boat rack to store our row boats, kayaks, canoes, surf boards, and paddle boards, we knew that we weren’t alone; every avid boater, or even just a casual boater, needs a boat rack to ensure their boats and boards last as long as possible and remain in the best condition. Continue Reading →

Canoe Rack Lake Okeechobee, FL

Canoe Rack Lake Okeechobee, FLIf you’re canoeing in Lake Okeechobee, Florida, chances are, you’re experienced in using a number of different type of boats and boards, making use of Lake Okeechobee, and maybe even the nearby ocean. If you’re a boater of any kind, storing your boats present a problem that all of us in the boating business understand. It can seem impossible to find a boat storage system that looks good, works well, and won’t break down or become unstable, but that’s exactly what Log Kayak Rack specializes in. Our hand-crafted wooden boat racks, perfect for canoes, kayaks, stand up paddle boards, and surf boards, can help you eliminate the inconvenience and hassle of storing your canoes and other boats and boards. Continue Reading →