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Kayak Racks for Resorts

Waterside Kayak_Canoe_Paddle board storage systemsResorts like yours, located near or on the water, are wildly popular for weekend getaways or extended vacations for many families and groups of friends looking to unplug and reset. The water is a huge selling point for your guests as it offers so many things to do in the beautiful outdoors no matter your guests’ fitness level, age or interests. Kayaking, canoeing, hiking and fishing are a few of the most popular outdoor activities and as a waterfront resort…

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Kayak Racks for Cabins, Resorts & Lake Front Properties

Quality Boat StorageIt’s that time of year again where everyone is ready to get out of the house after the winter season, and your phone is ringing off the hook as people try to book a stay on your lakefront property. Individuals are drawn to your cabin, resort & lakefront property because of the amazing scenery and recreational waterfront activities that you offer, including kayak usage.

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Outdoor Recreation Storage for Paddlers

Log Kayak StorageWarmer weather is right around the corner! As you bust out your kayaks, canoes, and stand up paddle boards, be sure to take a good look at its wear and tear. Any damage? Any signs of decay? Weatherproof storage systems are a must when it comes to storing your small boats. Log Kayak Rack is the perfect solution, both during and after boating season…

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Free Standing Kayak/Canoe/SUP Racks

Kayak/Canoe Storage RackIf you enjoy the outdoors, especially watersports, you go where the action is and probably prefer to be out in nature rather than sitting around at home in front of the TV. You love adventure and nothing is more fun than kayaking, paddleboarding and canoeing. Even though you prefer to be on the water, you also recognize the importance of storing your small boat to keep it safe and ready for your next trip!Continue Reading →

Seasonal Kayak Maintenance & Storage

Seasonal Kayak Maintenance & StorageWhen there is nothing between you and the waters below, except your kayak, you need it to be dependable. Every. Single. Time. For that to happen, you need to show much care for your Kayak both on and off waters. Like everything else that you love, it needs love back to thrive. Yes, even a kayak. And the more TLC you give it, the more adventure it will give you, it is just that simple. Read Full Post

Kayak & Canoe Storage New York

NY Canoe & Kayak StorageAs the days get colder and the water becomes fridged many need to think about how they are storing their kayaks, canoes and SUPs. Log Kayak Rack has durable solutions to hold your water toys while it is just too cold. Kayaking is the thing to do in New York, from Upstate New York, breathtaking city views to white water trails, this land is even perfect for flat paddle canoeing. Whatever your flavor of on water adventure our durable kayak storage racks can safely hold from 1 – 8 small boats. Read Full Post

Kayak Rack New York

New York Log Kayak RackAre you getting the most out of fall before the water freezes? Kayaks have to move south to move at all in the water during the winter cold in New York. So where is your kayak spending it’s off time? Is it somewhere it needs to be in order to stay in good condition or is it simply cast away, with little mind? The care you give your kayak, both on and off the water, will have a direct impact as to how long it will last. Read Full Post

Kayak Storage Racks of All Sizes

Quality Boat StorageNot sure which kayak rack to choose from? Log Kayak Rack has a vast selection of kayak storage racks that you can see and order anytime online that are sure to give you inspiration and/or be the perfect fit. From free standing to dock mounted, wall mounted to holding 1 – 8 small boats – our Log Kayak Racks can hold your kayaks, canoes and SUPs strong and support their structure and safety for years to come. Read Full Post

Proper Equipment for Kayaking

 Equipment for KayakingPaddlers everywhere are traveling to new places and seeing new spaces, as are the kayaks they glide on. It is important to be prepared out there on the water, phones can get wet, sunglasses dropped, rough rapids can come up and temperatures can drop quickly. A kayak, paddles, lifevests, some bungee cords, lunch and a dry bag are just some of the basic equipment suggested to kayak with. Read Full Post

Log Kayak & Canoe Rack California

Kayak & Canoe Storage Rack You know what would be a beautiful addition to your property? Our elegant log kayak & canoe storage racks, displaying your proud kayaks, canoes, SUPs & surfboards right where you can see them, safe and ready for another adventure. California is a beautiful place to live, work and play if on the water is where you prefer to stay your going to want to invest in the proper storage. Read Full Post

Log Kayak & Canoe Storage Racks

Waterside Kayak_Canoe_Paddle board storage systemsAre you sick of your kayaks and canoes laying across your shoreline, getting scratches, dings and being faded by the sun? There is something you can do about it and it actually looks good! Log Kayak Rack has harnessed the beauty and ruggedness of Northern White Cedar Pine to make lasting kayak and canoe storage racks. These storage racks will make it easy to get back on the water, sand, insects and general mess. Read Full Post

Canoe Storage Rack Ships to USA & Canada

Canoe Storage RackDo you own a canoe? Is it somewhere safe right now? If it is lying out in your back yard on the ground, we wouldn’t exactly call that safe. And keeping your canoes on the sandy shores to rest while you are on land can cause potential harm to them too. Instead of having the waves crash into it and it laying on the ground while you’re gone you could store your canoe on something meant to keep it safe. Read Full Post

Wall Mounted SUP Rack

Wall Mounted SUP StorageCan you ever just own one Stand Up Paddle Board? Maybe at first… SUPs are like the common cold, they catch fast! And it is easy to see why, they are fun, challenging, great exercise, and get you out into nature. When it’s time to head back to shore is it sad to see your treasured board laying on the ground as you walk away? Do you leave with an uneasy feeling? Log Kayak Rack can change that. Read Full Post

Log Kayak Rack Montana

Log Kayak Rack Let’s face it, Montana has some of the most beautiful, natural sights to behold and if you live there you know what you have going for you. Overhead are blue skies, frosted with fluffy white clouds, mountain peaks towering through and large, clear lakes below. It is the kind of beauty people flock to and if you are lucky enough to live in this beautiful state it’s almost guaranteed you’ve purchased… Read Full Post

Log Storage Rack for Kayaks & Canoes

Canoe/Kayak Storage RackAre you looking for a beautiful solution to safely and securely store your kayaks and canoes? Our Northern White Cedar Log Storage and Display Systems are built to handle the weather and secure your boats safely when not in use. If you are looking to put your investments safely away and prevent damage while they are not at play consider our handcrafted storage racks. Read Full Post

Kayak Storage Key West

Key West Log Kayak Rack Kayaking in Key West, Florida is a beautiful thing! No wonder this is a place many travel from around the world to experience it personally. If you own a resort, live near or in Key West and are an avid paddler chances are your kayak is put away somewhere right now… Is that place helping your kayak or hurting your kayak? Log Kayak Rack has created a safe solution for kayaks in storage everywhere! Read Full Post

Tips for Storing Your Kayak for the Winter

Kayak StorageFall is here and the brisk air is perfect for enjoying your kayak. But soon, in many places, the waters will freeze and kayaks will do better off protected from the elements, instead of in them. Log Kayak Rack wants to see your kayaks live to their full potential, which is why we craft hand-made log kayak racks for indoor and outdoor use. When winter comes, at least where we are from in the Mid West, you take cover. Which includes covering your kayaks. Read Full Post

Canoe & Kayak Rack Catskill Mountains in New York State

boat storage rackKayaking and Canoeing Catskill is a beautiful getaway that is just hours outside of NYC. If you are ready for a change of pace, Catskill offers many options for the adventurous. Whether you are a Catskill Resort, avid canoer/kayaker or own a cabin nearby, Log Kayak Rack has the perfect solution to your canoe and kayak storage needs. We can design a custom Log Kayak and Canoe storage… Read Full Post

Boundary Waters Canoe Storage Racks

Canoe Storage RackThe Boundary Waters Canoe Area is a popular destination for many paddlers. If you are a resort owner near the BWCA you see this for yourself first hand. Many Resorts & Outfitters rent Canoes, Kayaks, SUPs, Paddle Boats and other types of small water boats. Maintaining the condition of your Rental Equipment when it involves survival in the Wilderness is an important aspect of a quality company… Read Full Post

Types of Kayak Storage Racks

Boat storage racksNow that the weather has finally warmed up, are you doing all you can to get your kayak out on the open water? If so, you’re probably dreaming of all the fun you’ll have on the water, but not thinking about how you’ll store your kayak once your time in the water is done. Many people simply drag their kayaks onto the shore and leave them until they want to use them again, while others may drag their kayaks back to their homes and simply leave them outside. At Log Kayak Rack, we literally cringe when we hear stories of incorrect kayak storage. There are a variety of reasons why you should never store your kayak, or other small boat on the ground for storage, which is why our team developed the Log Kayak Rack to store your kayaks and other small boats off the ground for added protection. Continue Reading →

Can I secure this Kayak Rack to the Ground?

8-place-log-kayak-rack-buriedKayak racks have transformed the way that small boat owners can store their kayaks, canoes and stand up paddle boards.  Log Kayak Rack offers a wide variety of storage systems that are durable, attractive and incredibly flexible, offering owners many different ways that the storage racks can be positioned to work best for your property and your climate.  One question that is often asked of our team is whether our kayak racks can be secured to the ground, so that they are stationary and will not be stolen and can better withstand high winds, rain and other severe weather that you may battle in your area.  The answer is yes!  Log Kayak Rack’s storage racks can absolutely be secured to the ground. Continue Reading →

Paddle Board Storage Racks

Paddle Board Boat StorageSo what do we think fellow lake and ocean lovers? Are paddle boards really all the rage? Do they stand up to all of their hype? If you know anyone that actually owns a paddle board, they are going to say yes! Paddle boards are awesome! They provide a whole new perspective out on the water, anyone can do it, and they’re great for keeping users fit! What’s really not to love about a paddle board? If you are a paddle board hater, you might as well stop reading now! At Log Kayak Rack, we’ve got nothing but love for our fellow SUPers!

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Small Boat Storage

Boat Storage RackIt is summertime and the living is easy! That is for humans, of course. What about your kayak, canoe or stand up paddle board (SUP)? Life is a little more tough on these types of boats during the summer. As a kayak owner, it is important that you do your fair share to protect your boat when it is not in use. What better way to secure kayaks than with a reliable Log Kayak storage system! Here at Log Kayak Rack, we’ve been in the woodworking business for nearly a quarter century, so it is safe to say that we know how to keep your boats protected.Continue Reading →

Types of Kayaks & Storage Needs

KayakingNow that spring has arrived, are you getting the itch to spend your free time outdoors on the lake or ocean? If you live near water, are more of the adventurous type, and don’t like to sit still, investing in a kayak may be a smart move! Just think about how much fun you could have on a kayak exploring nature, fishing, and taking some time to wind down from your busy lifestyle. What is great about kayaking is that you can take it at your own pace.

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Lifting, Carrying & Storing Your Canoe

Canoe StorageYour canoe is likely one of your most prized possession and as the upcoming water season approaches, you want to make sure to keep your canoe safe, damage free and ready to hit the water at a moment’s notice! Lifting, carrying and storing your canoe is a very important part of the maintenance process. Log Kayak Rack offers beautiful canoe storage racks made of 100% northern white cedar logs that can keep your canoe and other small boats safe…

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Kayak Storage

Paddler Storage System Where do you feel the most relaxed, the most at peace with your surroundings, and able to push away all the stress in your everyday life? Is it on the water? If so, you probably have accumulated lots of equipment and gear to allow you to be out onto the water every chance you get. There is no better way to spend time out on the water than in your kayak, canoe, or other small boat.

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Cold Water Paddling

Safety on the WaterAlthough spring is here and warmer weather has arrived, the water in many parts of the country is still cold. Big bodies of water take time to warm up after an ice out or cold winter. If you are eager to get your kayak, canoe or standup paddle board (SUP) back in the water, don’t forget to equip yourself for on-the-water!

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Canoe Storage

Custom Storage RacksAs the weather warms, those who love the water think about the outdoors and getting themselves on or near the water. One favorite water activity for those young and old is canoeing. Canoes can be used for racing, whitewater canoeing, touring and camping, freestyle, and general recreation.

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Log Bike Storage

Log Rack Bike StorageWhy can’t a bicycle stand up on its own? Because it’s two-tired! Okay, maybe that was corny but at least it made you smile! Don’t leave yet, keep reading because the more you do, the more you’ll smile! Log Kayak Rack is now offering a beautiful, rustic log bike storage system!

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Kayak Racks for Home Storage

Kayak Boat StorageIf you are a kayak owner, there is no doubt of your love of water and the outdoors. It’s a passion, it’s therapeutic, it’s relaxing and it is FUN! Storing your kayaks, on the other hand can often prove to be somewhat difficult. Log Kayak Rack builds a beautiful kayak storage systems that can be used anywhere you need or want to store your boat — inside or outside of your home, cabin, resort or lakeside property.

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Northern White Cedar Storage

Waterside Kayak_Canoe_Paddle board storage systemsWhether you spend your weekends at The Container Store and love everything about organization…or your home almost always looks like a tornado ran through it and you’d rather die than fold your clothes, Log Kayak Rack is still the perfect solution for all of your outdoor “toys.” This wood storage system is a perfect kayak, canoe and SUP storage system that will keep your belongings safe and organized.

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Types of Kayak Storage

Log Kayak RackIf you have multiple kayaks or small boats, you no doubt have a passion for being near the water. You are likely already gearing up for the season ahead and wondering just how soon you can get back out on the water. And, when your kayaks are not in use, it is important to keep them safely stored so that they are ready for your next adventure when you are.

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Log Kayak Rack | Mortise & Tenon Joinery

Kayak Rack Storage SystemIf you value your Canoes, Kayaks, Bikes or Stand Up Paddleboards (SUPs) then proper storage is a must. There are no better storage racks on the market than those that are skillfully made by wood artisans at Log Kayak Rack by Hitch Exclusives. Each rack is carefully handcrafted using a Classic Woodworking Technique call Mortise and Tenon Joinery.

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Log Kayak Rack | Countdown To Spring

Quality Boat StorageWe all know that winter seems to last forever. But once the holidays pass, the beginning of spring is really just a few weeks away. And what does that mean? Flowers bloom, warmer temperatures AND you can finally get back out on the water with your kayak, canoe or paddleboard. Whether you are a property owner near water, or an adventurous soul…

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Log Kayak Rack Canada

Canada ShippingThere’s something about the Cottage Life Magazine that makes any outdoor adventurer a little giddy. Every time the page turns, there is an amazing new article on how a group rescues stranded animals in frozen waters using their trusty canoe. Or how about when that Canadian architectural group created an amazing log cabin right at the water’s edge?

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Log Bike Racks

Log Bike RackWhen thinking of ideas for a bicycle rack that best suits your taste and lifestyle. Would you think of a flimsy, plastic, post? Or would you image a structurally sound, beautiful piece of art? Here at Hitch Exclusive, we provide a long lasting purchase. Not only is this bike storage versatile and durable but it will catch the eye of friends, customers and visitors.

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Log Kayak Rack: What’s Coming in 2016

Log Kayak StorageA lot is planned for our team at Log Kayak Rack in 2016. Continuing to serve our customers with high quality log kayak racks and ensuring that they love their experience with our team from start to finish, will continue to remain some of our highest priorities for this new year. Additionally, we plan to be a part of a few watersport shows around the Midwest in hopes of connecting with people like you!

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Log Kayak Featured on Animal Planet’s show Restoration Wild

Log Kayak Featured Restoration WildThe popular Animal Planet TV Show, “Restoration Wild” is taking on a new project that will be featured on their upcoming 2016 episode. The popular national TV show is coming to Michigan to restore Buckley’s Mountainside Canoes and will feature Log Kayak Rack’s storage systems in this amazing renovation project.

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Featured On Animal Planet 2016

Kayak Storage Rack on Animal PlanetWell folks, as we end 2015, it’s time we start thinking about our future. Log Kayak Rack has improved and restored the way so many people store their precious kayaks, canoes and stand up paddle boards. We are proud of the things we have accomplished this year and look forward to the upcoming year! We have lots of things in store, including a featured on Animal Planet in 2016. If you enjoy the outdoors as much as we do, tune in and check us out on the hit show, Restoration Wild.

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Winter Canoe Storage Systems

Winter Canoe StorageCold weather is inevitable and, unfortunately, your time on the water is drastically diminishing when the temperatures plunge. The question that gets asked each year around this time is how best to store your canoes and other small boats while they are not in use. Whether you own one canoe or are a resort owner and need to store 8 or more, Log Kayak Rack can provide handcrafted canoe storage rack solutions to meet all of your needs.

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Paddle Board Storage Systems

Log Paddle Board Storage RackPaddle boards are some of the most versatile boats on the water these days. They can be taken out into the beautiful oceans, onto your favorite lake or river. Wherever your favorite spot for paddle boarding, you are likely running into a common problem this time of year. The cold temperatures of winter have taken hold and if you live anywhere in the Northern part of our country, you are having to park your paddle board for the winter.

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Winter Kayak Storage

Kayak RackWinter is fast approaching and it is time to get your property ready for the dropping temperatures and harsh cold that comes this time of year. If you own a recreational property or a resort property near water that thrives in the warm weather, there is much work to be done as you get your property ready for winter. One of the most important tasks is storing gear in a safe and dry area so that it will be ready for use come spring.

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Log Bike Rack

Log Bike RackThe question of the best way to store multiple bikes on your property when they are not in use has just gotten a lot easier. Whether you own a resort or are in charge of public bike storage in a small community, you can now purchase secure, sturdy and attractive bike racks from Log Kayak Rack.

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Kayak, Canoe and SUP Protection

Kayak RackPurchasing a new Kayak, Canoe or SUP is a big investment. You are wise to do all that you can to protect them from being harmed by the elements. Actions such as dragging a canoe can cause significant damage and affect how well it performs on the water. Lifting and moving canoes may result in unnecessary wear and tear. Rodents and bugs can inflict their own brand of damage to your Valuable Watersports Gear.

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